What is the Age Pension age?

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Wally David

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The Age Pension age is currently 65 for men and women.

Set to increase

The Government has announced in the 2014 Federal Budget that the Age Pension age is set to increase to 70 years of age from 2035.  This change will occur in a staggered approach rather than in one swift increase.

From 1 July 2025, the age pension qualifying age will start rising by six months every two years, from 67 years to 70 years by 1 July 2035.

In effect, someone born after 1 January 1966 will not be able to apply for the age pension until 70.

 Use the following table to work out your qualifying age.

Date of birth between Eligible at age
1 July 1952 to 31 Dec 195365.5
1 Jan 1954 to 30 June 195566
1 July 1955 to 31 Dec 195666.5
1 January 1957 and 30 June 1958
1 July 1958 and 31 December 1959
1 January 1960 and 30 June 1961 68
1 July 1961 and 31 December 1962 68.5
1 January 1963 and 30 June 1964 69
1 July 1964 and 31 December 1965 69.5
1 January 1966 and later 70

This change is bound to impact the potential retirement age of Australians going forward. For most, the Age Pension remains a key part of any retirement plan, even when you have superannuation and other investments. Regardless if you are only entitled to a few dollars in Age Pension, you still qualify for the extra benefits such as discounts on prescriptions, council rates and some other household bills.

Around 77 per cent of Australians over the age of 65 receive some income support from the government. As it currently stands, some couples who hold in excess of $1 million in assets on top of their family home, are still eligible for a part Age Pension.


  1. says


    Will I be entitled to a age pension? I will be 65 in 3 years my husband is younger that me and we own our own house with no other assets.

    I have been told I won’t be able to get a pension because I have a husband who can support me, can you please advise me if this is true?

    • Wally David says

      Thank you for your question, Michelle.

      That is not necessarily the case, as it depends on how much income he earns from work. A pensioner couple can have income of around $72,000 before they are ineligible for any Age Pension.

  2. Noel Luckie. says

    I was born 12th July 1950 and will be 65 on 12th July 2015. Do I qualify for the pension on that date?

    • Wally David says

      Thank you for your question, Noel.

      You will meet the age requirement for the Age Pension upon turning 65, based on your date of birth. There are other eligibility requirements, such as an income and asset test.

      I hope this helps.

      – Wally